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Privacy Statement

CHEONWONSA Co., Ltd. takes the protection of online personal information very seriously.

The Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy) of CHEONWONSA means the policy that the company complies with in order for the users who make use of the services provided by CHEONWONSA to use the services with confidence regarding the protection of their rights and benefits.

The Privacy Policy of CHEONWONSA Co., Ltd. complies with the Regulations on Personal Information Protection subject to the "Act on the Promotion of Utilization of Information and Communications Network" and "Personal Information Protection Guidelines" established by the Ministry of Information and Communication.

By publishing a link to this Privacy Statement at the bottom of all the pages of their website, CHEONWONSA Co., Ltd. always provides members with an easy way to have access to information regarding the fact that the personal information provided by members is being used in all purposes and manners in accordance with the company’s Personal Information Protection Policy and what measures are being taken to protect their personal information.

Please check back frequently since this Privacy Policy may change from time to time due to changes in the relevant laws and government guidelines, and company internal policy changes.

1. CHEONWONSA Co., Ltd. does not collect any personal information without the individuals consent.
By establishing a procedure by which users can select 「I agree」 or 「I do not agree」 regarding the contents of the Personal Information Protection Policy and Terms and Conditions of use for the shopping mall website operated by CHEONWONSA, if Users click the button 「I agree」they are considered as agreeing to the collection of personal information.

2. Purpose of usage and collection of personal information
CHEONWONSA Co., Ltd. requires only the minimum information necessary to enable the members to receive service in a fully effective way, and other concrete information is collected only when written by users on a voluntary basis.
The personal information that CHEONWONSA Co., Ltd. collects is information that can authenticate members, including their name and Member ID, password, phone number, address, E-mail address, social security number, etc. and information for delivery on purchase of goods.
Member information is used only for CHEONWONSA Co., Ltd. internet shopping service and members will be asked for prior consent for other purposes.

3. CHEONWONSA Co., Ltd. saves users’ information as cookies to load easily from time to time in order to provide personalized service to each individual member.
CHEONWONSA Co., Ltd uses a Cookie authentication system for members. However, the use of these cookies are used only as a means to authenticate the users as members when they log in.
In addition, because these cookies are not automatically not stored on the PC and deleted when you log out of the PC, if you use a PC in a public place or that can also be used by others, please be sure to log out at the end of your session when using the service after logging in.

4. Inspection and Update of Personal Information

1) You can view or update your personal information registered at any time. If you wish to inspect and correct your personal information, you can click [my page]  [modify] to directly access and update your information on your own, or if you can contact to the manager and staff in writing, by phone or E-mail we will take prompt action to update it.

2) If you request correction of your personal information about the error, we do not provide or use any personal information of yours until the correction is completely made.

3) In case incorrect personal information has been provided to a third party, we will take immediate action to correct them by notifying the third party of the result of correction.

5. Retention Period and Usage Period for Personal Information

1) Your personal information will be destroyed after the purpose of collecting or providing the personal information is achieved.

In case of member information registration, withdrawal or expulsion from membership, etc., we will obtain the explicit consent to retain personal information items for a certain purpose and duration, as follows:
Records of membership contract or cancellation: Five(5) years
Records of payments and supply of goods : Five(5) years
 Records of complaints of consumers or handling of disputes : Three(3) years

2) In case you require access to information such as transaction information that you have given your consent to, CHEONWONSA Co., Ltd. will take an immediate steps to ensure that you can inspect that information.

6. Personal Information Manager

CHEONWONSA Co., Ltd. specifies the managing director pursuant to the implementation of Information and Communication Privacy Directive (Article 22 Section 1) as follows:

[Representatives of Personal Information Management and Shopping Malls]

⊙ Personal Information Manager
- Name: Cheol-Ui Song
- Division: Editorial Team
- Position: Deputy Manager
- Mail:
- Tel: 02-701-0110
- Fax: 02-701-1991

⊙ Manager for Japanese & English Shopping Malls
- Name: Komiyama
- Division: Marketing Team
- Position: General Manager
- Mail:
- Tel: 02-701-5903
- Fax: 02-701-1991