철의 장막을 무너뜨린 믿음(영어)


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book introduction
This is a story of missionary work in Czechoslovakia under Communism, dealing with the missionary dispatch and hardships during the pioneering days, life in prison, and the end of communism. It is the story of young people who were persecuted by the state and deprived of their freedom after jumping on a mission in communist Czechoslovakia with only love for the sky, love for the country, and love for humanity. The testimonies that vividly contain the determination and courage of the European youth family from half a century ago are deeply moving.

New version / 312 pages, 256 pages / Issued on August 12, 2019

Hyojung's spirit and faith to relieve the suffering of Heavenly Parents goes beyond logic. People with a heart of filial piety act for a cause without expecting anything in return. This was characteristic of the early missionaries and members of our church.
True Parents sent the first official missionaries to the Western world 60 years ago. On January 2, 1959, Missionary Young-Woon Kim arrived in the United States. Less than five years later, True Father sent missionaries from the United States to Western Europe, and another five years later, in the late 1960s, missionaries were sent from Europe to all over the world.
Among these were the first European missionaries, Peter Koch and Paul Werner. Their work to plant our churches in Germany and Austria made it possible to send missionaries from these countries to other countries as early as in the late 1960's. Emi Steberl, who first went to Eastern Europe in the Soviet Union, was one of those missionaries. The series of events described in this book were triggered by this little woman.
True Parents faced the enemies of mankind through high-quality media, educational programs, conferences, and events supporting the value of the family. However, their legacy is rooted in a spiritual movement established through a journey of pain and dedication. And the missionaries and early family members, who were the two substitutes in the field of missionary work, risked their lives every day, walked the path of self-sacrifice, and established strong spiritual conditions for world change. On this path paved by the sacrifices of two generations, today, a new generation of family members and new ethnic messiahs can stand with their eyes on the future.
In this regard, I am very happy to see the early family members documenting their lives, whether in the East or the West. Such records will preserve their experiences and testimonies of True Parents' life and achievements for future generations. Through this book, I hope that many people will realize the special value of their lives and inspire them to leave such a record.

at the head of the book
프롤로그| 감옥을 드나들며 선교의 초석을 놓다

Part 1 Missionary Dispatch and Pioneering Passions
01 Bridge between Eastern and Western Europe
02 aggression
03 First Family
04 The first step in evangelism
05 President of Local Association
06 Struggle for Growth
07 New missionaries from Western Europe
08 Domestic missionaries
09 warning
10 sacrifice
11 Arrest
12 interrogation
13 Police Harassment
14 determination

Part 2 Prison life and the end of communism
01 martyrdom
02 trial
03 Judgment and Sentencing
04 prison life
05 Freedom in Prison
06 Nevertheless, the movement continues
07 Release Without Freedom
08 Engagement and Blessing
09 The end of communism
10 At the end of the story

에필로그| 공산주의 개척선교역사를 돌아보다
Editor's note

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Product Details
Product Name 철의 장막을 무너뜨린 믿음(영어)
Price $15.00
Size 152X224mm
Language 영어
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