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book introduction
A strange conversation that took place in the corner of the prison visiting room, a cataclysm that came exactly 7 years later!

Kim Jin-myung's novel "The Prophecy" begins with the shooting of KAL 007 34 years ago. In this work, Kim Jin-myung's huge imagination and sharp nib are directed to the midst of international politics in the 1980s, when the US-Soviet power game was in full swing. It was a tragic, unprecedented disaster in which 269 innocent people were shot down by Soviet fighter jets off the coast of Sakhalin. It was a mystery that had not been revealed other than the fact of the attack. What happened during the KAL period at that time? It was further reported that the attack was by a Soviet fighter. But after confirming the shocking facts, what did the Korean government do? On the day the news of the accident was reported, the main news in Korea was cleaning in front of Chun Doo-hwan's house, and the Soviet fighter was described as a 'third country's fighter'. The government made no complaints to the 'third country'.
And then there is Jimin, a young man who lost his only blood sister to the KAL plane shot down. He flies to the United States to avenge his sister, whom the state ignores. And a mysterious man appeared before him.
“In seven years, communism will be destroyed.”
Will Jimin's revenge come true? Will the man's prophecy come true?
Prophecy, like other works of Kim Jin-myung, is closely connected to the 'present' of the Korean Peninsula and leaves strong implications. The question posed by Kim Jin-myung is still present in the tense political situation that leads to the impeachment of Park Geun-hye, candlelight, the birth of the Moon Jae-in government, and the rivalry of the four major powers surrounding the Korean Peninsula.


author's words

night flight
Min Seonggi
Moscow's voice
fourteen years of time
missing plane
Different on the outside and different on the inside
Reagan's victory
Mr Kensington
suspicious prisoner
strange meeting
Why is it called homeland?
brandenburg gate
mission butterfly
Russian Ministry of Literature
October 17
a person living in a penal colony
hot encounter
heart of the soviet
sea in the fog
red square
Moscow's reunion
The truth about Korean Air 007
Encounter with the Little Angel
Juche idea
a giant who lifted a giant

About the author
Author Jinmyung Kim became a bestseller for every book published after the first novel 『The Flower of Mugunghwa Bloomed』. It is his love for the Republic of Korea that consistently flows through his works that traverse reality and fiction, exhilaratingly solve the sharp mysteries of the times, and precisely point out the distortions of Japanese and Chinese history on the Korean Peninsula. Those who have read his works know why all of his novels are acclaimed by readers. A writer with a clear sense of problem, Jinmyung Kim His works include Korea’s best-selling “Mugunghwa Flower is Blooming”, “A Thousand Years Prohibited Book,” which reveals the origin of Korea’s national title, through thorough historical research, and a national treasure-level masterpiece that clearly clarifies the historical logic of the Japanese invasion of the Korean Peninsula 『Mongyudowon』, 『New Crown Princess Abduction Case』, which depicts the shocking reality of the assassination of Empress Myeongseong and the secrets and devastation of the Nanjing Massacre, 『1026』, the greatest mystery in modern Korean history, and the million-seller 『O Sky,』 depicting the invisible power that protects Koreans Land”, “The Last Sutra” dealing with the secrets of a wonderful number, “Casino” depicting human desire for money, “Death of God,” a problematic work containing the mystery of the death of a North Korean leader, and the patent war between Samsung and Apple. “Samsung Conspiracy,” which was foreseen, “Thad,” which deals with the conflict between South Korea, the US, and China over the high-altitude missile defense system, and “War of Letters,” which contains our history and fierce political mechanisms hidden in Chinese characters. He is writing the historical novel Goguryeo. Currently, a total of six volumes have been published: King Micheon, King Gogukwon, and King Sosurim.
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Product Name 예언 PREDICTION (영어)
Price $13.87
Size 137X196mm
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Language 영어
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